Welcome to Holy Family Catholic High School

We are a high achieving, 11-18 school, where children feel safe and happy. We aim to create a very supportive and caring environment where each student has the self-confidence and belief to realise their ambitions. We are aspirational for all of our young people and strive to meet the needs of every child, irrespective of ability, to ensure they maximise their potential both in and out of the classroom.


The school is well known for its very high academic standards and the warmth of its working relationships. We are committed to providing the best possible education for all our students. We are proud of their many achievements and believe that this is based on a strong partnership between school, home, church and the local community.


One of our strengths is our size. We are large enough to provide an extensive range of learning opportunities but small enough to get to know our young people and respond to each and every one as an individual. As a consequence, our students are able to enjoy their learning, develop as caring, well-rounded individuals and equip themselves with the skills and knowledge necessary for them to enjoy fulfilled and happy lives.


We hope that our prospectus and website will give you useful information and an insight into our school.


We look forward to meeting and working with you.


Mr M Symes


Our Values & Ethos

 At Holy Family we:

  • Value diversity and promote equality of opportunity for all
  • Promote respect and encourage good relations within and between groups
  • Aim to meet the different needs of different group
  • Promote an inclusive and harmonious place of work and study where there is mutual respect and where harassment and bullying, intimidation or violence is not tolerated
  • Prevent unlawful discrimination and victimisation
  • Comply with our legal obligations
  • Address any breaches of the Equality and Diversity Policies