What our students say

The things I have enjoyed the most about being at Holy Family are....

“Basically everything.”  Ella  7JRW

“CHET, some lessons, making new friends.”  Ava 7DMC/LH

“Making new mates and going to different classes.“  Hannah 7CMC

“Going to different class rather than staying in one, meeting new friends.”  Miley 7JRW

“I love going on the bus.”  Charlie  7BH

“Making new friends and different types of subjects.”  Amelia  7HT

“How there is a variety of lessons for me to learn.”  Joseph 7HT

“It is bigger and you feel more responsible.”  Lilija 7HT

“Lessons, seeing my friends, making new friends, doing PE and the teachers are really nice.”  Aaron 7LJ

“Having lovely teachers that listen and help me, they make me feel good about myself. Making a new kind friend.”  Silver 7JRW

“Making new friends and experiencing what it’s like to grow up “  Erin  7DMC/LH

“The Drama lessons. The nice teachers. The good classes and the determination to help kids learn.”  Louise 7BH

“Making new friends, learning fun lessons, using my lunch card, the teachers are fun to work with and helpful.”  Niamph 7BH

“The teachers are really nice and I feel very safe at school.”  Harry 7DMC/LH

“Making new friends, learning new things and meeting new people. I have mostly enjoyed being more independent and having to do more things on my own.”  Lexi-May  7CMC

“The people. Holy family is much bigger than my primary and so I have lots more friends. All the different lessons are good even though some of them are hard. I love PE, Spanish, history, wood tech and English. “  Alfie 7HT

“Meeting new people and getting a more structured day.”  Zoe 7CMC

“Music, Drama, English, a new love for maths, meeting new people, making new friends, keeping old friends. “  Emily  7BH

“Making new friends and going to different lessons.”  Esmé 7JRW

“The students, teachers, how caring everyone is.”  Dottie/Dorothea  7LJ

“The subjects and the teachers are so nice and caring and help you if you don’t understand.”  Yvie 7BH

“The supportive environment and lovely teachers. Lessons are fun. I find it different to primary and has taken a while for me to completely settle in.”  Alexander 7JRW

“Making new friends, learning new subjects and meeting the teachers.”  Sophie 7JRW