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Holy Family Catholic High School was inspected by Ofsted for two days on the 8-9th May 2019. The inspection was carried out as a full Section 5 inspection and the report can be found on the Ofsted website.

Link to Ofsted Report on the Ofsted website

We are a ‘Good’ school in every way and we were very pleased that the inspection reflected the effort and commitment of everyone in our school community.

“(there is) a culture where pupils are confident, considerate of others and hard working. As a result, they enjoy school and attend regularly”

Ofsted 2019

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Schools Financial Benchmarking

The school has no employees with a gross annual salary of £100,000 or more.

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Dear Parents and Carers,

Each parent and carer has an important responsibility to work closely with their children and the school to ensure safety and achievement.

In accordance with its mission statement and aims Holy Family Catholic High School will:

  • provide a safe, happy environment, inspired by the spirit of God, where your child can flourish and where her/his efforts and achievements are valued.
  • support and promote the school’s Catholic ethos.
  • provide a broad and balanced curriculum to meet the individual needs of your child.
  • set, mark and monitor classwork, homework and coursework.
  • keep you regularly informed about your child's progress and about general school activities and events.
  • offer a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities for your child.
  • work with you to create a secure and safe environment for all pupils in the school.

We ask parents and carers to:

  • support the school’s Catholic ethos.
  • support their child, fully encouraging her/him to participate positively in all aspects of school life and value her/his efforts and achievements
  • ensure that their child maintains the best possible attendance, arriving punctually at 8.45am, properly equipped for school.
  • notify the school promptly if their child is absent for any reason and provide a written absence note. Also provide a medical appointment card to explain an absence if requested to do so.
  • avoid taking family holidays during term time.
  • keep the school informed of any concerns or problems which might affect their child's work or behaviour.
  • support the school's policies and guidelines on behaviour, sanctions and uniform.
  • support their child in homework and other opportunities for home learning
  • attend parents' evenings and other discussions about their child.
  • ensure that their child always behaves well when in school uniform and on her/his way to and from school                                                                                                                             

All Students are expected to:

  • support and promote the school’s Catholic ethos.
  • maintain the best possible attendance, arriving on time and in correct uniform.
  • bring all the equipment needed every day.
  • do classwork and homework to the best of their ability and hand it in on time.
  • make their best efforts in all aspects of school work and life and not disrupt the learning or progress of others.
  • abide by school rules and support the behaviour and discipline policies of the school
  • act with courtesy and consideration towards other people at all times both in and out of school and show respect for their opinions, feelings and property.
  • take great care of the school environment and equipment.

Should you have any concerns at any time please contact:

Your child’s Form Tutor, Progress Leader or any of the Senior Leadership Team in school. 



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