School Terms and Holidays 2023-2024

  Autumn Term 2023 Spring Term 2024 Summer Term 2024
Term commences

Year 7 and 11 pupils

Tuesday 5th September


Year 8, 9, 10

Wednesday 6th September


Year 12 enrolment

(Surname A-L) Tuesday 5th September

(Surname M-Z) Wednesday 6th September


Year 13 start - Thursday 7th September

Year 12 start - Friday 8th September

Monday 8th January

Monday 15th April

Bank Holiday Monday 6th May



Mid Term Holiday

Monday 23th October


Friday 27th October

Monday 12th February


 Friday 16th February

Monday 27th May


Friday 31st May

Bank Holiday (Monday 29th May)

Term ends Friday 22nd December Thursday 28th March Friday 19th July
Total no. of pupil days 73 54 64


Monday 4th September 2023                                                                   
Monday 18th September 2023 – Open Evening
Monday 13th November 2023
Monday 22nd July 2024
Tuesday 23rd July 2024



Easter: Good Friday 29th March 2024, Easter Monday 1st April 2024
May: Monday 6th May 2024
June: Monday 27th May 2024                                    

Future Term Dates

Sefton term dates can be found at (Note: these may differ slightly from HFCHS term dates and should be used for a guide only)